Review and Giveaway: ‘The Slither Sisters’ (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2) by Charles Gilman

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School is just as exciting as the 39 Clues, even though Lovecraft focuses on horror rather than flat-out adventure (though there is plenty of that, too).

cover_loveIn The Slither Sisters, the second novel in the series, the story picks up pretty much right from where the first book, Professor Gargoyle, left off. Robert Arthur is having nightmares about the horrors that he has witnessed during the first month and a half he has been at his new school, Lovecraft Middle School. While the facility is state-of-the-art, it also serves as a portal to another dimension and is riddled with monsters ruled by the evil genius and school namesake, Charles Lovecraft. Luckily, Robert has two good friends–his only friends, actually–to help him with all of this trauma. And, he will need the help, because more horrors are unleashed in The Slither Sisters.

creepyAs the title and cover imply, the Slither Sisters are the Price twins, Sarah and Sylvia, who were reunited with their family after being abducted. Robert, Glenn, and Karina know better, however. The Price girls are no longer human; they are snake-like monsters using the girls’ bodies as a disguise. With some support from some unlikely people, the trio must stop the Prices from winning the student council elections and handing the 7th grade over to their master.

cliffA horror fan himself, author Charles Gilman has created a spooky, suspenseful story that will keep any middle-grade reader on the edge his or her seat. It is hard to guess where his plot is going to twist or turn and there are many times you think something horrible will happen only to breath a sigh of relieve when the kids are ok. And then you will read a couple of pages further and something terrible will pop through a window or appear in a classroom. Gilman also creates cliffhanger endings that are the perfect set up for the next novel. I did not see the ending to The Slither Sisters coming at all and loved reading every second of it.

absofuckinglutelyThe Slither Sisters is an excellent follow up to a fabulous first book in a series. In fact, in some ways, I enjoyed Gilman’s sophomore installment even more than I liked Professor Gargoyle and that is saying a lot!

5 stars

Genre: Middle Grade, horror, action, paranormal

Release Date: January 15, 2013

About The Slither Sisters (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2)

Looks can be deceiving! Sarah and Sylvia Price may resemble ordinary middle school students, but they’re actually hideous monsters in disguise. Even worse, they’re campaigning for student council, with a secret plan for abducting the entire seventh grade! The only ones brave enough to stop them are twelve-year-old Robert Arthur and his best friends: the school bully, the school ghost, and a very hungry two-headed rat.

The Slither Sisters picks up right where Professor Gargoyle ended—with more action, more adventure, and more outrageous monsters! This time around, Robert and the gang confront a winged harpy, an insanely long serpent, and (most frightening of all) their first school dance. Middle school has never been so terrifying!

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About the Author

Charles Gilman is an alias of Jason Rekulak, an editor who lives in Philadelphia with his wife and children. When he’s not dreaming up new tales of Lovecraft Middle School, he’s biking along the fetid banks of the Schuylkill River, in search of two-headed rats and horrific beasts.


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