Review: ‘Sounds of a Coo’ by Kelly Lambert

sweet iconSounds of a Coo explores different moments in an infant’s life and what he or she might be communicating when they coo. Kelly Lambert covers topics like when a baby sees Mommy and Daddy, when an infant plays with his hands, and the first time baby food is introduced. There are 21 poems with full page illustrations that are just adorable. The poems are just as cute and are perfect for sharing with children.

3 stars

Genre: Poetry

About Sounds of a Coo

The sound of a Coo is very special.

And if we really take time to hear,

We will soon learn about the world you see

And how to you it may appear.

So listen very closely when your baby starts to coo.

They are telling you about the wonders of life,

Which to them are very new.

This heartwarming and expressive collection of poems perfectly capture the way babies first experience their environment. Sounds of a Coo features poems that celebrate the magic and wonder of a baby’s world and help us focus on the way our babies communicate. So cuddle up with your little one and share the rhythmical language of poetry. Your baby will enjoy it as much as you do!

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About the Author

Kelly Lambert’s poetry and children’s books are inspired by the experiences she and her son Sammy share in West Virginia. With a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies, Ms. Lambert writes for the importance of children’s literature and the enjoyment of each new creation. Look for Loni Lemure Loses a Tooth, coming soon!

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