The Majestic Pegasus Gets Its Own Book Series

Ian Hornak, Pegasus, Acrylic on Canvas, National Hellenic Museum, 1991

Unicorns get a lot of attention, but the pegasus–the ugly stepchild in the magical horse family–is finally getting its 15 minutes with Jennifer Lynn Alvarez‘s three-book series, The Winged Herds. The series will chronicle the herds as they vie for power and may possibly expand beyond the three titles. Written for an older-Middle Grade audience, Jennifer says that her goal while writing the first novel, The Winged Herds of Anok, was to make her daughter cry.

She’s a tough nut to crack. She demanded drama, lots of battles, good deaths, a relentless plot, a gripping cast of characters, a vibrant world, and a story that ripped out her heart.
With great pleasure, I can report I drove her to tears three times, and each day she woke up begging for the next chapter. She is a huge fan of the WarriorsSeries and she was not disappointed with the land of Anok where five fierce and pragmatic herds of pegasi rule the skies, and a helpless black foal is born who has the potential to unite them–if he can survive to his first birthday.”
The Winged Herds of Anok is slated for fall 2014. Working titles for the next two novels in the series are The Rise of Nightwing and Shooting the Stars.

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