Rick Riordan Writes ‘The Son of Sobek’ Featuring Percy Jackson and Carter Kane

Fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles will find their worlds colliding on May 7th. Riordan has included a cross-over short story (about 40 pages) in the paperback of The Serpent’s Shadow, the third title in The Kane Chronicles trilogy. Why pair the Greeks up with the Egyptians? Riordan posted on his blog

My publisher Disney-Hyperion was looking for something fun to add to the paperback version of The Serpent’s Shadow, which comes out May 7 — something to encourage folks who haven’t yet tried the Kane Chronicles to pick up the series. I decided what the heck. Let’s throw Carter and Percy together in a Greek-Egyptian dilemma and see what happens. The result was SO much fun to write.

But what about fans like me, who have already read The Serpent’s Shadow and don’t want to purchase the paperback? Well, if you can’t snag a friend’s paperback to read “The Son of Sobek,” it will be available to you in the future. Disney plans to release the story as an audiobook (read by none other than Rick Riordan himself!) and an e-single at some point this summer. You can read an excerpt of “The Son of Sobek” here.

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