The ‘Tiger’s Curse’ Author Moves to Egyptian Mythology

Houck has yet to specify which Egyptian sun god will b the handsome teen Lillliana falls for. What do we think, willl it be Ra (pictured) or Horus?

Fans of Colleen Houck and her Tiger Series should get ready for her next book (series?) based on Egyptian mythology and mummies. According to Publisher’s Weekly, the story is centered around a teenager named Lilliana Young. When Lilliana visits an Egypt exhibit, she is introduced to a recently awakened mummy-turned-sun-god and one can assume that romance and angst ensue.

The book won’t release until 2015, however, so there is a lot of time for more details to emerge. Colleen has gone into a little more detail on her blog, though.  The story will definitely have “all the same action, romance, adventure, and mythology of the Tiger Series plus the added coolness of mummies.” That being said, it is completely separate from the Tiger Series. She is unsure whether the new book will develop into a series, so it is possibly a standalone at this time. BUT, “we are planning on publishing at least one short story set in this new world before the first book comes out so you can get a head start and meet my amazingly awesome new characters.”


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