‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Is Really Happening

My love for Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and Bloodlines books should be pretty clear by now, so there should be no surprises by my excitement for the VA movie. Optioned by Preger Entertainment a zillion and a half years ago, it seemed like they would never find a studio. But they have (yay!) and seeing Rose Hathaway kick some strigoi butt on the big screen is becoming a reality.

So far, the movie has received a new title: Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. Richelle Mead explained the change on her blog:

If you’ve read past interviews with me, you might know that Vampire Academy wasn’t my first choice for the book. I actually sold it as Kissed By Shadows. People at my publishing house weren’t sure that title would work for a few different reasons, and eventually, we decided on VA since it’s so memorable. When the movie came around, the production team had some concerns about that title, though. For one thing, there’s a lot of other “vampire” stuff out there, and we want VA to stand out. Don’t believe me? I get constant emails from people saying they love the Vampire Diaries because they get mixed up. The other thing is that VA isn’t exactly an accurate title. It makes it sound like it’s more about school. If you’re a fan of the series, you know that in the last half of the series, they’re hardly at school at all. The big focus of the series is Rose and Lissa’s bond and ESPECIALLY Rose and Dimitri’s relationship. That’s what makes this stand out from other vampire books, so it was decided that VA would stay the movie series name but that the first movie would get a more distinctive title.

Mark Waters (of Mean GirlsFreaky FridayThe Spiderwick Chronicles, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins fame) is directing with his brother, Daniel Waters (who scripted Heathers) writing the screenplay. As for the cast,

Emma Vieceli compares her version of Rose the actress portraying her in the film: Zoey Deutch. (Click this image for Vieceli’s blog and more on the comparisons.)
Emma Vieceli’s comparison of her Lissa and the movie’s Lissa: Lucy Fry. (Click this image for Vieceli’s blog and more on the comparisons.)
Danila Kozlovski will play Dmitri.

Production begins this summer. There were 6 books in the series so hopefully all the novels become films. There is potential for 6 more movies, however, since Bloodlines (a VA spin-off) will also have 6 books in its series.


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