Aprilynne Pike Writes a Prequel to ‘Life After Theft’

On April 30th, be on the look out for Aprilynne Pike’s next novel, Life After Theft (check back for a review in March). But, to get you excited for Life, Pike has written a prequel novella that will be released on April 2nd, called One Day More.

This captivating and poignant 50-page digital original short story is a prequel to New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike’s Life After Theft—a haunting novel about the true cost of paying for one’s mistakes.

Most teenagers would do anything to have Kimberlee Schaffer’s life. But beneath the beauty, the wealth, and the popularity, Kimberlee has a terrible problem: an uncontrollable, insatiable need to steal. Over the years, she’s learned to hide her secret from those closest to her, but now it’s completely consuming her life—and Kimberlee is afraid that if she doesn’t find a way to put an end to her compulsion, she may see her perfect world come crumbling down.

While the description says the ebook is 50 pages, Pike has put the length at 30 pages (10,000 words) in a blog post. She also revealed that the story is told from Kimberlee’s point of view, even though Life After Theft isn’t. I can’t wait to read the prequel and see how it compares.

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