Bridget Jones Is Back!

In my early 20s, I went through a major chick lit phase thanks to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Not only did I read most of Helen Fielding‘s books, but I also moved on to other authors, like Anna Maxted. I just might re-enter that phases because Fielding is penning another Bridget Jones novel.

There’s not much to report on now as a title has not even been announced, but the release date will be in November of this year and the book will be set in London. Fielding told Publisher’s Weekly that the book will not pick up where its predecessor left off. “My life has moved on, and Bridget’s will move on, too,” said Fielding.

More info should be released soon since Fielding will participate in the June 1st authors breakfast at BEA in NYC specifically to promote this book.


One comment

  1. I hadn’t heard this yet…yay!!! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to… I reread Bridget at least once a year… ( she makes me feel hopeful 🙂 !

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