A Night Time Beauty Drink from BeautyFoods

Getting 8 hours of sleep each night is a nearly impossible feat for me, but I’ve been trying to do it nonetheless. Thanks to BeautyFoods, getting those zzzzz’s will be easier with their Nightly Beauty Drink blends.

Each of the three flavors contain a slew of beautifying ingredients to help you wake up looking picture perfect. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, Biotin, Magnesium, and a collagen complex keep your skin and vibrant. The all-natural AlphaWave L-Theanine and Calming Blend calms and relaxes your mind and body, helping you drift off for restful, beautifying slumber. The box is beautiful and is intended to be reused, so you are also helping the environment by recycling the packaging.

Nightly Beauty Drink comes in Chocolate Bliss Beauty Blend, which is sweetened with vanilla and a hint of cinnamon; Vanilla Dream Beauty Blend, which is made from Madagascar vanilla; and Chocolate Chai Renewal Beauty Blend, which is sweetened with cardamom and other chai-inspired spices.

To enjoy your blend, add it to warm milk and whisk until it is frothy. Yum!

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