‘Delirium’ To Be a FOX TV Show

If you just simply can’t wait for Lauren Oliver’s Delirium to hit the big screen (which it might never do), perhaps a tv version of the series will quench your thirst for Lena and her world. According to Publisher’s Weekly, a pilot has been written for FOX so we may see Delirium in the Fall line up.

Even though Delirium is one of my favorite novels, I’m not sure that I would watch this. I’m looking forward to the casting either way!


Corey Reynolds will play Lawrence Task, the strategic, authoritative, no-BS leader in the budding Resistance movement.
Gregg Sulkin will play Julien, the son of wealthy political leader Thomas Fineman. While his father supports the use of the brain modification, Julien is conflicted about having to undergo a surgery to remove his feelings and eventually finds a kindred spirit in Lena.
Emma Roberts has been cast as Lena Holoway. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: she falls in love.
Daren Kagasoff plays Alex, a young, handsome police officer with a secret agenda, who finds himself intensely attracted to Lena.
Billy Campbell will play wealthy political leader Thomas Fineman. With laser-white teeth and a John Boehner tan, he is the head of a lobbying organization called Deliria Free America who supports the use of the brain modification that prevents citizens from falling in love and leads to a peaceful, ordered society.


Jeanine Mason will play Hana Tate, best friend to the main character Lena Holoway.


  1. How can you be a fan of something and not support everything that comes with it TV show/movie.. Sorry just a pet peeve of mine.. I for one am hoping that Delirium gets picked up because the cast worked extremely hard on the pilot and during filming I’ve heard nothing but great things. Everyone was hating on Daren Kagasoff for being Alex and he’s the only cast member that got all the praise from the veterans IE Corey Reynolds and even the crew and director said he was gonna be a star. I’m looking forward to it and I hope Fox does pick it up so we all can see it :))))

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