Whole Foods Will Label All GMO Foods

Whole Foods Market has become the first national grocery chain to require all GMO food to be labeled and has set 2018 as the deadline.

“We are putting a stake in the ground on GMO labeling to support the consumer’s right to know,” said Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. “The prevalence of GMOs in the U.S. paired with nonexistent mandatory labeling makes it very difficult for retailers to source non-GMO options and for consumers to choose non-GMO products. Accordingly, we are stepping up our support of certified organic agriculture, where GMOs are not allowed, and we are working together with our supplier partners to grow our non-GMO supply chain to ensure we can continue to provide these choices in the future.”

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Markets

The store’s announcement comes at a time when GMOs are a hot enough topic to be put on ballots in two states. Prop 37 allowed Californians to vote on whether GMO foods should be labeled (it did not pass) and the European Union has required mandatory labeling since 1997. Since the EU’s mandate, GMO products and crops have become scare in their markets.

Eating certified organic products will ensure that you avoid foods made from GMO ingredients. Whole Foods already offers 3,300 products over 250 product lines that have been certified as not containing GMO components through the Non-GMO Project and the market has put the products in its 365 Everyday Value line through this group’s verification process.

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