Get Up and Get Your Workout In

usmc-090902-m-1012c-002There are early birds who hop out of bed and workout furiously each morning with little motivation other than knowing that they are awake. I am not one of them. I have to work out first thing in the morning or it just doesn’t happen so I just have to make myself do it. I have certainly tried to wait until after work but then there is too much distraction or I’m just tired and lazy. I have heard of someone who sleeps in her workout gear so there’s no excuses the next morning. I haven’t gone to those extremes…yet, but here are some ideas for anyone else who needs that am motivation.

  1. Lay out everything the night before. It works when planning your work outfit for tomorrow and it makes getting ready to exercise equally easy.
  2. Reward yourself. Treat yourself when you wake up early and workout. If you treat yourself with food or a beverage, just make sure that it’s not undoing all the calories you just burned.
  3. Keep your eye on prize. Having a clear vision of your goal and how amazing the workout and achieving your fitness goals will make you feel will help keep you motivated.

Find these tips and more at PopSugar.

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