Project Burning the Fat Away


I don’t really do new years resolutions, but I am jumping on the new year weight-loss bandwagon this year. Over the past year I have gained a ginormous amount of weight and I am officially the heaviest I have ever been. I didn’t even realize exactly how much bigger I had gotten until I saw a photo of myself at my company’s holiday party. Isn’t always a photo that does it? So, on a complete whim, I joined Weight Watchers last Monday. In an effort to make myself accountable, I’m going to begin sharing my experience here at Simply Infatuated in the hopes that having my goal out there will force me to stay on track. We will see how that works.

Normally when I start a new nutrition or fitness program, I pre-plan and practically start before it begins. Since I started Weight Watchers unexpectedly, it has been an interesting beginning to my weight-loss journey. The meal I had planned for dinner that Monday? Chicken Parm. Definitely not the typical light fare.

Chicken Parm. Delish, but not light in Smart Points.

But I walked into the Weight Watchers meeting place anyway, signed up, and stayed for my first meeting. I’m no Weight Watchers newbie and have done the program a few times in the past. Of course, they are always updating things and this new Smart Points system is very different from the older programs in the amount of points per food. My precious can of soda that I look forward to drinking daily is going to cost me dearly! I decided I was going to track everything I ate regardless of the lack of prep though, and I did.

Sooo delicious, but so many more points than it used to be!

Boy, did I! I ate through twice my allotted amount on Monday. TWICE the points. It was kind of horrifying to see, though I do have perspective to realize I’m not eating chicken parm every day. But still.

So, my starting weight for this journey is 191.4 pounds. I’m not expecting a loss this week but it has been an eye-opening week. As long as I’m not gaining. I’ll be happy.



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