Project Burning the Fat Away Week 2: So Far So Good

project-burning-the-fat-awayI actually lost weight! Two pounds! I can’t believe it! I was sure I would break even at best. I mean, I did eat a little healthier but there are people who do every step of this plan perfectly and don’t lose weight and perfect was definitely not how I would sum up my first 7 days!

What did I eat? Well, I had a can of Mountain Dew Throwback every day. Every Day. Eventually, I think I may have to give my beloved sugary beverage up, because it is sucking away 1/3 of my daily points. I also had the chicken parm casserole that I mentioned in my Week 1 post for lunch all week and for dinner one night last weekend. Alongside the casserole, I had a completely delish Mediterranean veggie stew that I will have to post. The veggies were all 0 Smart Points and a couple of nights I ate it with shrimp, so it was a very low points meal.

During the week, I had my usual breakfast each morning: Chocolate Shakeology with a banana, which is 4 Smart Points. It’s still my favorite way to start the day.

Morning is not the only time I enjoy some liquids, however. I generally had either a Cosmopolitan or a glass of Shiraz each night, though not always depending on my snacks.

And speaking of snacks, I picked up a Weight Watchers snack bundle, which includes a box of Weight Watchers Smoothies (I chose chocolate), a box of the Air Popped Chips (I chose sea salt and vinegar), a box of the breakfast bars (I chose the cranberry one–put at 5 Smart Points it doesn’t seem to be worth it to me), and a box of the Cookie Explosion snacks (I chose peanut butter–yummers!!!). It all tastes good, though I am not clear on how they are low calorie unless it is through chemical/unnatural ingredients, so I try not to eat them too often.

I’ve definitely done better with points this week and am hoping the scale will continue to lower its numbers when I weight in next. This week’s weight was 189.4.


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