Project Burning the Fat Away:My First Set Back

project-burning-the-fat-awayIt all started with a trip to Escondido’s, a delicious Mexican restaurant down the road. I knew the time would come, but I thought my good weight-loss mojo would continue a bit. Turns out that I was wrong. I gained a pound and a half this week  😦

The results of my weigh-in surprised me, but I actually handled it with more grace and a much more positive attitude than I thought I would. I’m actually kind of proud of myself!

I’ve been around the weight loss block a few times and an familiar with the ups and downs that come with it. I had (and still have, really) a lot to lose in the beginning of my journey, so little changes tend to make the weight come off easier. The more fit you become, the harder you have to work.

Now, I’m at a point where I’m going to have to start making some harder choices. I dialed in on my eating since the weigh in and have been better about sticking to my Smart Points limits for the day/week. I do add in the Fit Pints, however. Without them, I’d definitely be over.

In addition to being a good girl when it comes to Smart Points, I’m in the process of letting my beloved soda go. It is delicious, but I just can’t justify giving a third of my daily points allowance to it each day. Soda is being phased out and I switched to the baby cans that they sell in the supermarket rather than the full-sized cans.

Let’s hope I see some better results at my next weigh in!

Current weight: 185.8 pounds


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