Project Burning the Fat Away: Bouncing Back

I lost!!! I was so worried that I wouldn’t but I did, probably because I didn’t do any baking this weekend. Well, I did, but it was possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve pulled out of the oven so I consumed a lot less sweets this week. (Sorry orange cranberry chocolate chip bars and monkey bread!)

Taking the weight loss slow and turning it into a lifestyle more than a diet has really been working for me (except for that 1 week). I started out just tracking what I ate with Weight Watcher’s Smart Points. Then, once I discovered exactly HOW horrible my diet really was, I added in more of the fruits and veggies I was lacking. I saw the need to start quitting my daily soda, and then started tracking how active I am with Fit Points that sync with my FitBit. I had my first set back with going out to eat and am a little nervous because I’m going back to that restaurant soon, but then I got in gear and bounced back to lose 2 more pounds for a total of 7.6.

Whether or not you can eat the Fit Points you earn is unclear to me. I thought the app took them into consideration, but now I do not think that it does… I have been eating them anyway and just going negative up to that number for the week. Let’s see how that works out. Hopefully, drinking less soda will also have a good effect. This week’s weight was 183.8 pounds.

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