Project Burning the Fat Away: Working the Plan

 photo guac and chips_zpsfnzintcm.jpgGuacamole. Chips. Sour cream. Sounds like a recipe for weight loss disaster, but this week I worked the plan and lost weight anyway!!!

You’ve probably figured out that I had another dinner out at Escondidos, my go-to Mexican restaurant. Last time, I gained 2 pounds. This time, I lost 1.8 pounds!

How? Part of my success has to go to the fact that I chose what I was ordering in advance and it was all dishes I’ve had before. Last time I ordered the Fajita Salad and was disappointed to discover that what I thought was a tortilla bowl was actually a hard tortilla underneath the salad. It was impossible to eat the salad without the tortilla crunching into bits and mixing in with the veggies.This time, I ordered the same salad, but without the annoying tortilla and I had them leave off the tortilla strips, too. My friends and I love chips and guac, so that’s enough carbs for me.

Speaking of chips and guac, I planned out the points and limited myself to 10 chips (4 SmartPoints) and guac equal to one avocado. It was more than enough for me and I eventually stopped eating the guac and switched to salsa (0 SmartPoints). I also discovered that my delish frozen margarita was 11 SmartPoints (?!?!?!) and had a beer instead (lagers are 5 SmartPoints).

Even with all that pre-planning and skimping, my meal came out to 26 SmartPoints. To put that in perspective, my daily allotment is 30 SmartPoints. Soooo, I could not enjoy myself at the restaurant or I could watch what I ate for the rest of the day. I just kept myself busy and watched what I ate.

I wasn’t hungry for breakfast, so I skipped it. 0 Smart Points! Then, I had to go food shopping and there was no way I was going on an empty stomach, so I ate a Cookies & Cream Quest Bar (4 SmartPoints). Quest Bars were recommended in a meeting and I’m glad I’ve tried them. They are a minimal amount of points for the amount that they fill you up. Later, I ate a bunch of veggies and a bowl of grapes for 0 SmartPoints.

I worked the plan and it worked for me! Moral of this week’s story, pre-planning works! Has anyone else had success with this? Let me know in the comments!

This week’s weight was 182 pounds.

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