Project Burning the Fat Away: 5% Charm

My first big goal was met this week: losing 5% of my initial weight! I received a charm to put on my key ring. (This is the first time I’ve had the courage to speak up in a meeting so it’s a Non-Scale Victory, as well.)

Even going out to dinner at a new restaurant didn’t get me down because I pre-planned and chose what I was going to eat the night before.

During the week I ate a completely delicious and healthy dish from Teresa Guidice called Veal Stew Osso Bucco Style. It was a lot of protein and veggies with no carbs at all.I also made a Cheddar-Baked Chicken that was basically a cheesier version of a chicken cutlet. It was delicious, but not too healthy. I ended the week with salmon steaks, broccoli, and roasted fingerling potatoes. I have been doing better with food, but still need my activity points or I would be waaay negative.

This week’s weight was 180.8 pounds.

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