Project Burning the Fat Away: A Silver Lining

Image courtesy of Black Christian News

The beginning of this week may have started out great, bur dear Lord did it end poorly.

On  Wednesday, I woke up with an intensely sore throat, a headache, and body aches. Even a shower didn’t make it all go away. Sooo, I called out of work and headed over to the walk-in medical where I was tested for strep and the flu. Thankfully, or so I thought, neither test was conclusive. I had traces of both strep and the flu, but not enough to test positive. The doctor was pretty sure I was coming down with the flu, however, and medicated me appropriately.

I never had a fever and started to feel ok after the Tamiflu, so I went to work the next day. It’s a good thing I went, because  work was ridiculously busy. While I handled the day well, I think it proved too much for me. The next morning, I woke up coughing, sneezing, my nose was running, and to say that I was fatigued is a major understatement. I spent the entire day under a blanket following a pattern of watching tv for an hour and napping for an hour. I ate soup and a little chicken, but was otherwise uninterested in food. I did rally to go to the movies with a friend, however, and it was perfect because I got out of the house, but was still able to sit around and do nothing.

So basically, half of my week completely sucked. But the silver lining? Being sick curbs your appetite and I ended up losing three pounds this week!

This week’s weight: 177.8 pounds.

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