Project Burning the Fat Away: Spring Up

Happy birthday to meeee! Yes, this weekend was my birthday and I ate like it was! I had a delicious birthday meal with at Bonefish Grill. I tried to remain slightly healthy with my SmartPoints for the entree, but I’m not going to lie – I didn’t count or track them. I was getting over being sick and didn’t care. I just wanted to enjoy my one special day. And, I did.

 photo 2fc63bd5-57d4-4680-a0d3-7007282a4f05_zps1rau8vmz.jpgAt my Weight Watchers meeting, a few of the crew mentioned they went and were talking about the Smart Points of what they ate, so I know skipping this one time was the right choice. Did you know that their Creme Brulee is 60 Smart Points for one serving?! 60!!! That is a couple of days worth of Points right there. I can only imagine what my flourless chocolate cake was worth.
This week was also my 4th week attending a meeting during the Spring into Spring challenge. Each week we get a challenge that will help us be healthier. This week we were supposed to walk around a farmer’s market to find new healthy ingredients and get in some activity points. I did not do this one (though I did walk around the product section of the Shop Rite), but I did attend my 4th of 6 meetings and earned my Spring Up Charm!

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