B: Boy Cat

 photo B_zps2lfr7x0k.jpgThis handsome little man started on the mean streets of Staten Island and was discovered by the aunt of a high school friend of mine. She fostered him until someone (me!) jumped at taking this little cutie home. Poor Moo had a severe respiratory infection when I got him and his sweet little paws had turned green on the parts he used to clean his nose. You could hear him coming when he walked through the house because you could hear him breathing. After a couple rounds of antibiotics, he was all clear and is now the playful sweetheart that I adore.

 photo moo sleeping_zpsj5gvlmvr.png

Moo is the poster cat for using treats as a means of positive reinforcement. His love for Temptations has lead to a love for puzzle boxes. He actually purrs while he plays it and hunts for the treats.

 photo moo hiding_zpsfml4wwui.png

He also loooves to play and is always up for running around.

 photo moo watching videos_zpsfhy8rons.png

He also enjoys watching cat videos on YouTube.

 photo moo in a box_zpsl3gme57x.png

The poor cat can’t climb a tree to save his life, but he can jump up onto the trunk now thanks to the teachings of his sister Chloe. Sadly, he repays her by being a huge bully. Except for when we accidentally lock her in the closet or some other such location. Then, he sits outside the door with a look of outrage on his face until you realize what is going on and open the door for her. In the end, he’s always a sweetheart.

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