G: Girl Cat

 photo G_zps4s3hoin2.jpgToday my post is an hommage to my sweet little girl, Chloe.

Chloe is feisty, vocal, and a true lover of the outdoors. When I got her, she was living with her mother and a couple litters of siblings under a deck. My tiny little kitten was not used to people and would not come anywhere near me. If I did manage to snag her and pick her up, she trembled the entire time.

 photo chloe in a box_zpsonvik2in.jpg

To help her get used to people while being separated from our other kitten, we had her stay with my mother. This led to Chloe crying all night and ripping a hole in the bottom of the box spring. She has always been one to find the most pain in the butt place to go and make sure she gets herself in there and has even managed to get in between our walls and in the basement ceiling.

 photo chloe in a tree_zpsxflw5jtw.jpg

Now Chloe is three years old and has just as much personality. She’s still a scaredy cat with people outside the family, but she is very affectionate and playful with us. She continues to find new exciting places to climb (and sometimes get stuck on), such as the roof and exceptionally large trees. Her love for the outdoors has not dimmed over time and she has proven this by chewing through multiple screens when kept inside against her will. Chloe has also become an accomplished huntress and brings gifts home to share.

 photo chloe peekaboo 11.7.15_zps6o0dycrt.jpg

This little fuzz ball is dear to my heart and I can’t imagine my life without her 🙂


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