Project Burning the Fat Away: Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

When I first started Weight Watchers, I was on point with my tracking. Every little thing I ate or drank, even 0 Smart Point items, went into my tracker. As time as worn on, however, I have gotten really lax at putting my foods in. I completely skip anything 0 Smart Points and sometimes I skip other foods just because.

It’s time for me to get back to basics with my tracking and start putting down everything, even the 0 Smart Point items. It would have helped me when I went out to eat for a friend’s birthday this weekend (though I’m not quite sure what I would track elk sausage as). The guilt comes from having a small gain this week, only .2 pounds, and I can’t help but feel that had a tracked everything, I might have lost rather than gained. It’s a tiny amount, so I’m going to sweat it, but I do need to reassess so it doesn’t become more.

This week’s weight: 177.4 pounds
write it down


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