H: Healthy Deodorant

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My family has a history of cancer, one of the more notable strains being breast cancer. In an effort to combat developing breast cancer, I’ve given up on traditional deodorants.

I have tried a variety of natural deodorants, which typically do not include aluminum or parabens. So far, the best one has been Soapwalla. But, it leaves my underarms very dry and in the beginning it caused a rash that was very painful. The many, other natural deodorants I have tried, just didn’t work. I realize that they are not antiperspirants, but I felt slimey as soon as I put some of them on.

Next up in the healthy deodorant search? Native. It was recommended by a friend. The deodorants are made in the USA, do not contain aluminum or parabens, and are not tested on animals. There are a variety of scents (I chose coconut and vanilla), too.

Has anyone tried a natural deodorant with (or without) success?

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  1. I like Crystal deodorant and use the Lavender & White Tea scent. It goes on a little wet but it seems to work and I can get it locally at Rite Aid. I’ll have to try Native!

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