I: Impatiently Waiting for Stitch Fix April 2017

I love surprises, but sometimes I can get a little impatient. For instance, the wait for my monthly Stitch Fix box can make a week seem like two months, especially when I receive the notice that the box is in the mail. It is always worth the wait, in the end!

This month, four of my five items were keepers. I ended up keeping everything, however. Why? Because if you keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount and the discount was greater than the cost of the skirt I did not like. My job is in the middle of the clothing drive, so I will donate it to someone who will appreciate the item more than I do.

 photo dress 4-17_zps0w1fpdp9.jpgThe first item I pulled out of April’s box was this adorable polka dot dress from Gilli. The fabric has a bit of texture and the fit is great. It will be easy to dress up for work or down of the weekends.

 photo scarf 4-17_zpsq9g0c4gs.jpg

It was suggested that I pair the Gilli dress with this infinity scarf. While I don’t love that combination, I do love this scarf in its own right. The scarf is made of a lightweight fabric and I think the floral design is beautiful.

 photo denim jacket 4-17_zpsi3twrumi.jpg

The Lila Ryan denim jacket was an item that my stylist had in mind for me last month. Since denim jackets are so versatile, I said to send it along. It was suggested that I wear the jacket with the polka dot dress, but I can actually wear this with a great many items in my wardrobe, including the floral dress from my March Fix, and I anticipate wearing it often. Not only do I love the jacket’s versatility, but I also love that it is slightly cropped and has an updated, modern feel.

 photo shirt 4-17_zpsh76j3jkj.jpg

It doesn’t come through in the photo, but the royal blue color of this Papermoon top is stunning. The tulip sleeves are a cute, fun addition to an otherwise basic top and it was immediately welcomed into my closet.

 photo skirt 4-17_zps3uph4o27.jpgI wanted to love the Renee skirt–it is even more striking in-person than it is in this photo. Not only does it has this fun, bold pattern, but it is also textured. Unfortunately, it is a pencil skirt and just does not work with my body shape right now. Unless I can find a long shirt that works with it, the skirt will become a donation item, which is a bummer because it was my favorite item of this month (until I tried it on).

And now the wait for the next box begins… Does anyone else use Stitch Fix? If you don’t, but would like to, click here.


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