Stitch Fix July 2017

Who loves surprises? I certainly do, and it is one of the reasons I love getting Stitch Fix every month. Each box is comprised of 5 clothing items and one of them is typically (but not always) am accessory or shoes. That’s all you know about what you’re receiving, however. What is in the box is kept under wraps until you open it!

But don’t fret. It’s not as if you don’t have any input. Not only do you fill out a style profile when you join, but you can also go in and update the profile as often as you would like. Whenever you receive a box, you are able to leave various types of feedback about each item that was sent as well as the overall shipment. And, you can leave your stylist a message letting her know if there is anything you would like to receive. For the July shipment, I specifically asked for some yellow after I realized the color was very underrepresented in my closet. And when you leave a comment, your stylist listens!

The Meesta Flutter Sleeve Blouse by Q&A was one of the first items I pulled out of the box. I love the pinkish-red color and the cut out details along the neckline and where the sleeve meets the shoulder. I wish the front of the shirt was as long as the back of it. The higher front means I have to be very careful about which skirt or pants I wear with it. The flutter sleeves are a fun detail.

Markey & Spruce’s Sonny Skirt is exactly what I was looking for when I asked for yellow. Not only is it cute, but the skirt is also really light weight (i.e. perfect for humid Jersey summers). The only thing I don’t like is that the top is pretty fitted and it accentuates that I am an apple. I would normally pair this skirt with the Flutter Sleeve Blouse, but the front of that shirt is too short and shows off my bulging stomach when they are worn together.

While it looks like it is just a white t-shirt in this photograph, American Able’s Bexlee Cross Front Knit Top has 2 cords that cross above the neckline. I like this subtle detail that gives what would otherwise be a boring t-shirt a little something more distinctive. I was rather excited to receive the Bexlee, because I need a new white shirt. Unfortunately, I hate the fabric. It shows every little imperfection on the skin. It looks okay with the Sonny Skirt, so I will probably wear them together, but this is not a piece that will be a regular part of my wardrobe.

Kut from the Kloth has made the most comfortable shorts ever! The Jansen Printed Linen Short is another splash of yellow for me and the flowers are white and gray. The shorts are very lightweight and adorable. They looked they would be really short before I tried them on, but they are a decent length when I wear them. I tried to pair the shorts with the Bexlee Shirt, but they do not look right together. I have a gray polo that I wore with these, so at least I don’t have to run out and get something to go with it.

These shiny silver Lacole Faux Leather Strappy Sandals from Report Footwear look great with everything else in the box. I needed something to add a little life to my summer footwear and now I have it!

I decided to keep all of the items that were sent to me. I hate the white shirt’s fabric, but I will let my stylist know so I don’t get a repeat.

Does anyone else do Stitch Fix? If so, leave me a comment and let me know about your experience.

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