Stitch Fix August 2017

I’m a liiiitle late with this post, but my love of Stitch Fix could not stop me from sharing my haul from last month. I love Stitch Fix‘s service and each month. My stylist’s picks are usually spot on, but even when they aren’t, I enjoy trying on styles that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen in the store.

How does Stitch Fix work? Each month you pay a $20 styling fee. Then your stylist chooses 5 items based on your answers to the style quiz. You open the box to see what you’ve received, try everything on, and decide what you’ll keep and if you’ll send anything back. If you keep it all, you get 25% off of the price. If you keep any of the items, the styling fee is credited towards what you’ll pay. If there is anything you want to send back, you pop it into the enclosed returns bag. If you don’t keep any of the clothing, you do not get the styling fee back. It’s really very easy and fun.

The Rika Tassel Hem Halter Top is cute, but I don’t really wear halters and I didn’t find it flattering. Rather than keep it, I returned it.

I thought the Erica Taylor Karen Printed Straight Leg Pant was really pretty when I pulled it out of the box. The pattern is subtle and attractive. The pants fit fine, but the way the front of the pant lays seems to highlight my stomach rather than hide. I couldn’t get past that and sent them back.

My stylist sent me the Le Lis Maura Zip Pocket Detail Skirt to go with the red flutter sleeve blouse from last month. I didn’t like the way it went with the Sonny Skirt, but kept it anyway. The blouse looks okay with this skirt, but if I cover the red zipper pockets I can wear the Maura with any color. It fits well, so the Maura is a keeper!

Since I work with small children, I prefer not to wear heels to school. So these Lucky Brand Emmie Printed Leather Ballet Flat were a welcome addition to my show collection! I love the leopard print and the leather is really soft, almost sueded.

The Pixley Beringer Ruffle Neck Blouse is cute for work as long as I have a sweater over it–it’s a little sheer. The ruffles are so cute that I could not resist keeping it.

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