Book Series I’ve Recently Finished

Lately I have been trying to finish reading series I’ve been distracted from and never finished. I don’t know if I’m becoming a picky bitch, but I feel like there are very few series that I like by the time I get to the end of them. I love the first book (here’s looking at you Delirium), but by the end I could care less. Here are some quick thoughts on the series I’ve ended lately.

39 Clues Unstoppable Glad it was over. Not as good as the original!

Delirium Disappointing ending to the series. I did not care about Hannah. I loved the original Delirium novel because of the love and that disappears from the rest of the series. I still have to read the short stories…maybe they will change my mind.

The Maze Runner Another series that started with an amazing book and ended with an ok one. The Maze Runner Files adds some background, but isn’t a must-read.

Soul Screamers Great way to wrap up the series. It’s not wrapped up in a little bow, but it ends well. This is the only series I liked as much at the beginning as I did at the end. I have read most of the short stories, and love them too!

The Caster Chronicles I can’t say that is another series that has a completely different feel between the first and last book, but I do know I loved the first book, couldn’t stand the second, and then liked the last two novels.

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