Stitch Fix March 2018

This month, Stitch Fix came the day before my birthday! Happy birthday to me! And this haul was a good one. (Not sure how Stitch Fix works? I explain at the end of the post.)

I left feedback asking my stylist Betsy to help me incorporate more pink into my wardrobe. She did, in a pretty subtle way, with some really nice pieces of clothing.

The French Grey Melcy brushed knit dress was my favorite item in the box! This photo doesn’t do it justice at all. It’s amazingly soft and the paisley pattern is gorgeous. I don’t normally do racerback, but I would have to wear a sweater with this dress in the office anyway and it’s just too cute to resist.

The colors and stripes of the Market and Spruce Tarza v-neck knit top are pretty and it’s length is perfect, but I was left lukewarm on this one. It’s partially the seam that runs right down the middle of the shirt. I kept it anyway and got compliments on it, though, so what do I know?

 Sent to be worn with the Tarza shirt, Liverpool’s Aislin pencil skirt is VERY cute. You can’t see in the photo, but it has a checked pattern woven into it. It was too small, so I’ve exchanged it for a larger size and am hoping it fits well.

Too casual for work, but perfect for the weekend, ID/23’s Pollack one-pocket henley top is my second favorite item from this box.

My third favorite item is this Robi tote from Urban Expressions. I have absolutely no need for another bag, but I can’t help love this one and its preponderance of pockets. Hi, my name is Jessica and I can’t say no to a really cute purse. It also goes really well with all of the clothes Stitch Fix sent this month.

How does Stitch Fix work? Each month you pay a $20 styling fee. Then your stylist chooses 5 items based on your answers to the style quiz. You open the box to see what you’ve received, try everything on, and decide what you’ll keep and if you’ll send anything back. If you keep it all, you get 25% off of the price. If you keep any of the items, the styling fee is credited towards what you’ll pay. If there is anything you want to send back, you pop it into the enclosed returns bag. If you don’t keep any of the clothing, you do not get the styling fee back. It’s really very easy and fun.

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