B: Bar Harbor, Maine

Yesterday, I wrote about my goal to visit all 50 states, so I thought I’d follow it up with my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine last Fall. The trip was actually one stop in a week-long cruise from NYC to Canada and Maine.

Bar Harbor is a small town on an island in Frenchman Bay. My first view was from the ocean, so you see a quaint, colorful little town nestled in the woods. One you get into the downtown area, you will find a lot of shops, restaurants, and hotels/bed and breakfasts. The town is built on a pretty steep hill, so it’s easy to get in a good workout while you are strolling around.

A view of Frenchman Bay from my cruise ship. It is a little dull because there were plastic guards so no one fell off the boat.

As soon as we were on land, we headed over to a bus trip into Acadia National Park and up Cadillac Mountain. The drive through downtown Bar Harbor showed off the beautiful bed and breakfasts and gorgeous homes. The ride through the park and up the mountain was scenic as well with lots of trees, a couple of lakes, and barer rocky patches as you get further up Cadillac Mountain. And, as you would expect, the view from the top was breathtaking.

A view from the beginning of the drive up Cadillac Mountain
Acadia National Park as we drove up Cadillac Mountain
The top of Cadillac Mountain
A top of the mountain selfie

After we came back down the mountain, we were ready to explore the downtown. We hit the shops on West Street and ate a delicious lunch and blueberry pie at West Street Cafe. We walked over the Main Street and checked out some more shops. There are a LOT of souvenir shops, even one for dogs. Once our shopping was completed, we relaxed in Agamont Park before getting back on our ship for some spa time.

Shopping on Main Street


The Main Street shops across from the park


The park and the view


The bay from the park



  1. This is an area of the US that I would love to visit and spend time in. I had a brief visit to the northeast states over 25 years ago so would love to go back. Your photos are great and make it look very enticing.
    Enjoy the A to Z and your challenge of visiting all 50 states.

    Pamela @ Days of Fun

      • Bar Harbor is essentially closed in the winter months. Most of the people in Bar Harbor are not from Maine. It isn’t really Maine, it’s tourists. But other than that, the view and fresh air are authentic. Lol!
        Mainely Write

      • Ha! Well whomever they are, they are nice. I can see it closing down all winter though. Being on an island all winter and having to get to the mainland is probably not too easy. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bar Harbor looks amazing. I have not spent any time in the northeast part of the United States. After reading blogs from just today, I have an idea of how I want my visit to be.
    Maine looks majestic and I hope to make it there soon.
    Once Upon a Time

  3. Blueberry pie, yum! Gotta take a selfie after a climb, I say. Thanks for the tour and view of Bar Harbor. This is what I love about visiting blogs: I see and learn about places I may not ever get to go to in my lifetime. Happy Trails to you.

  4. Breathtaking that endless blue as far as the eye can see, and together with your descriptions the endless sky and scenery make this sound like a dream place. Thank you.

  5. Two things I love: Bar Harbor and Cruises! I am going to be doing that this summer, in fact. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories!

    Jayden R. Vincente
    Erotic Fiction Writer

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