F: Finding Relief from Migraines

Migraines suck. The throbbing pain behind my eyes and in my sinuses. The way the end of my nose tingles and goes numb. I get so tired and grumpy. My neck gets so tight. I wish I could find a way to cure them.

I have tried avoiding everything I know is a trigger–foods, wine, weird smells…but they still plague me.

So what helps me feel better? Excedrin Migraine for one. It is the best way to end I migraine that I have found so far. But if you don’t have any Excedrin on hand, try one of these strategies:

  • Lavender – Lavender is one of my favorite scents and it does help ease the pain of a migraine. I put a few drops in my oil burner, lay down, and relax.
  • Mint – The smell of mint eases the pain of headaches and migraines. I burn mint oil and peppermint oil in my oil burner and the pain goes away faster than with lavender. I will sometimes mix a couple drops of mint and lavender together, too.
  • Darkness – Light is a migraine trigger and it makes the pain worse. When I feel one coming on, I get into a dark room and can instantly feel the pain ease.
  • Drink caffeine – Caffeine can be a trigger, so consuming some seems counter intuitive, but it actually works (and is even an ingredient in Excedrine Migraine). Having some soda helps when there is no medicine on hand.

Does anyone else have any tips or tricks they use to help when a migraine hits?


  1. Me too, in hating migraines. I tried Excedrin once and it worked! I was so excited I sent in a letter to Excedrin. It never worked again. Sigh. Not much works for me though Imitrex is good. Just can’t take it every day!

    • Oh no! What a bummer to so enthused about something and then have it stop working. I hope you are one day able to find something that works equally well. At least you have the Imitrex for now.

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