I: I Am a Crazy Cat Lady

So I believe I may have reached the milestone of becoming a crazy cat lady. I only have two cats, so it’s not them. I do spoil them, but nothing insane. But, this past weekend, I went to a cat convention. And, I liked it.

Catsbury Park was organized by Catsbury Park, a tea house and cat lounge in Asbury Park. The goal of the convention wasn’t just to get cat lovers together, it was also to provide a forum for the people and organizations speaking for and working to help kitties.

The event was held at Convention Hall in Asbury Park. It may look run down, but that’s just part of its charm. It has a theater on the ground floor with stadium seating in case you get tired of walking or want to sit and eat. The second floor wraps around the outside of the theater room and has a pretty kick butt bar that overlooks the beach. (Though this is Asbury Park..good bars aren’t hard to find.)

They had vendors, food, celebrity cats…it was a whole thing. And, it was packed! Thankfully, I am not the only crazy cat person.

They love the vase cave from Dharma Dog Karma Cat.

There was actually a little bit of almost anything concerning cats. Of course, vendors were selling t-shirts, cat toys, and art. I walked away with a t-shirt of a cat surrounded by tacos, a felt cat hut that looks like a vase and flowers, a couple of toys, and “cat wine.” The cats liked the hut and toys, but were not as enthused about the wine.

They kind of like the cat champagne from Apollo Peak, but not too much. Perhaps next time I should get the kitty kombucha or Catbernet.

Other things to do at the convention beside shop? Adopt one of the many kitties available for adoption. Do Yoga with Cats. Get a tattoo. Eat vegan and vegetarian food. Make a screen-printed t-shirt. Play cat trivia. Meet one of the many celebrity cats, including Lil Bub, Nala, Pudge, Klaus, and the HobbiCats. Watch a presentation by The Kitten Lady. Get cat tarot cards read. There were even people dressed up as cats.

It was taking our picture with these guys, but the cat with boobs looks kind of creepy.

The Catsbury Park convention was really well run and a great time. They are looking to make it an annual thing, and I’m looking forward to going again. Even if it does make me a crazy cat lady.


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