K: Kennebunkport, Maine

During my stop over in Portland, Maine, we took an excursion to Kennebunkport, home of the Bush summer “cottage,” Walker’s Point.

Kennebunkport reminds me of Spring Lake. It is a quaint town with a lot of shops and restaurants and summer homes close to the beach.

We actually ate lunch at the Spirit of Massachusetts, a restaurant on a boat. Eating on the water was perfect for this time of day. The food was pretty good and the view was amazing.

The Bush family has summered in Kennebunkport for over a century, at what I can only describe as a compound called Walker’s Point.

George H. W. Bush lives in the main house. One of his sisters, Jeb, and Jenna Bush also have houses here. One of the buildings is the quarters for their servants. Someone was walking by the cars when I took this photo, but we were too far to see who.

The main house with the servants quarters behind it.
Jenna and Jeb’s houses among others.

A lot of the shoreline in this area is really rocky, like most New England beaches.

Other beaches are of the more traditional sandy variety. This beach is near Walker’s Point. Barbara Bush is frequently seen taking a walk on it.


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