O: Origin (Robert Langdon #5) by Dan Brown

If you are looking for a quick read that is fun and thrilling, Origin is for you. Even though it is the fifth book in Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, Origin is completely stand-alone and no prior knowledge of the series is needed.

Brown’s writing is fast-paced and jumps right into the action and gets you interested immediately. Robert Langdon goes to meet an old student in Bilbao, Spain. This student, Edmund Kirsch, is about to make a major announcement that will change how people religion and their future. His announcement, however, never comes to fruition after tragedy occurs at the event, causing Langdon to flee Bilbao with the beautiful Amber Vidal, museum director and financee to the Prince of Spain.

Langdon and Vidal become closer while on the run, but you can never fully trust anyone in a Dan Brown novel. It is easier to trust some characters than others, however, because Brown now has a set formula for his characters and plot. Langdon always has a beautiful young woman to run around with: Vidal. There is a vigilante killing in the name of a conservative religious sect, in this case the Palmarians. But even with the formula, I still was not able to guess who did it.

Fan of Dan Brown will enjoy Origin. If you have never read Dan Brown, you may very like the novel, too. It offers all that we have come to expect from Brown–a fast pace, a lot of history and symbolism, religion, science, art, and architecture.

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