Q: Quite Cute Kitties

If you visited Simply Infatuated on I day, you are already well aware that I like cats. To demonstrate why, I thought I’d share some photos of my fur babies, Moo and Chloe.

Moo is a black and white short hair who is a bit of a bully. Since he likes to run a tight ship (for people too, not just other cats), he’s not afraid to come say hi to new people or look out the window when the door bell rings. He also knows how to beg for treats and has me trained to deliver them on command.

Chloe is a calico cat who is very sassy. She makes a series of R2D2-ish noises that let you know her true feelings when she is not pleased. She is also super cuddly and a total sweetheart with her family. However, with the critters outside, she is a ferocious beast.


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