U: Unique New Jersey Spots

During my internet travels, I came across Atlas Obscura and it’s section on 85 unique New Jersey locations. I was immediately curious as to how many of these places I have been. I love to travel for vacations, but I also enjoy a good day trip. So far I have only been to 13!

My 5 unique locations I want to visit this summer?

  1. The Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine. I don’t know where Ogdensburg is, but I need to see these glowing rocks. It’s nature’s black light poster.
  2. The Hindenburg Crash Site. It is in the town next to where I grew up. The only thing that’s stopped me from going is laziness (and the inability to plan ahead enough to make a tour appointment). That changes this summer.
  3. Batsto Village. I’ve passed it a zillion times on the Parkway. It’s time to turn off at its exit.
  4. The Site of the New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916. I almost read a book about it, but, as a girl who watches Jaws whenver it is on tv, visiting the location would be more fun.
  5. South Mountain Fairy Trail. A hike and fairy houses? I’m in!

Are there any unique spots in your area that you would like to visit?


  1. I used to live in New Jersey and the nearest point of interest was the creatively named High Point State Park which housed the highest point in NJ. It wasn’t all that high. In my stomping grounds of Baltimore, my hands down favorite place is the burial spot of Edgar Allen Poe which has a whole legend around it.

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