Stitch Fix March 2017

stitch20fix20box_zps2foeccclHas anyone else tried the monthly clothing box service Stitch Fix? I am slightly obsessed with it and cannot wait to get my box each month!

Basically, each month you pay $20 to have a surprise box of 5 clothing items or accessories styled for you and sent to your house. You have no clue what you’re receiving, so opening the box and pulling out the items is like opening a present each month. The clothes you like, you keep. The clothes you don’t like, you send back in the stamped and addressed bag that is included with the box. If you send back all 5 items, you lose the $20 styling fee, but if you keep anything, the $20 goes towards its price. It you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount.

How do they know what to style for you? You answer a lot of questions before you get sent your first box. Then, once you go through the box, you go online to check out. You answer about 5 questions for each item you were sent regarding it’s quality, how much you like it, and whether you are keeping it or sending it back. There is also an area for you to comment on each item so you can say why or do or do not love it. You can also leave comments before a new box is sent to you so you can let them know if you have any upcoming events or other occasions you would like them to style.

My March 2017 box just arrived and I love all of it!

The first item I pulled out was the Marion Smocked Bodice Dress by Fun2Fun. I love the print and the fabric – the top half is quilted and stretchy. It also fits great. I’m not in love with the racerback and will now have to go bra shopping if I want to wear this without a sweater or jacket, but the dress is a keeper. My stylist left me a note asking if she could send me a denim jacket and I’m hoping she does because it would be cute AF with this dress and the brown booties I received in February.

The next item I pulled from the box was the Bonney Keyhole Halter Blouse from Papermoon. I was afraid the fabric would be a bit too sheer for me. I’m fairly conservative with what I show off and I work with kids, so I really have to watch necklines. Happily, the halter fits so that the fabric is more opaque than it seems and the keyhole cut-out is not revealing. The halter also shows off my shoulders which make it a great option for the times I need an outfit that can go from work to play. We’ve go another keeper!

Market & Spruce’s super soft, gray Bri Knit Cardigan was the third piece of clothing from the package. It was suggested that I pair it with the dress, but this sweater will obviously go with the blouse (and quite a few other pieces of my wardrobe), too. Keeping it!

You always get a complete outfit in the Stitch Fix box, and Vigoss’ Elaine Distressed Girlfriend Jean can go with the Papermoon blouse and Market & Spruce cardigan. I’m not sure how girlfriend jeans differ from boyfriend jeans (I think my boyfriend’s may be slightly baggier, but only slightly), but I love their fit. Rolling them up at the ends is cute and the distressed fabric is a fun trendy detail. Clearly, I’m keeping it.

Occasionally, there will be an accessory as your fifth item instead of another piece of clothing. This month, it was the Nicholas Pre-Layered Vertical Bar Necklace from Zadd. The Nicholas is the perfect length and it stop right before it would be hanging between my girls. I hate the way that looks and was relieved to find that it is not an issue here. I don’t wear a lot of gold, so the silver metal was right on point. It would be very cute with the floral dress. Keeping it!

Has anyone else joined Stitch Fix? How are you enjoying the service? If you’d like the join, you can click here.


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